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#make up for Hollywood costume. Picture

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# This guy loves his calculator more than his girlfriend because he can do lots of stuff on this but his girlfriend is a...

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Human body's four parts of joints motion. This study shows on gif and its excellent. Credit         

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  # When you need to poop and there is no toilet

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  # I just find out i don't chew when i eat

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    # Wait to see how she does it :P

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  # The common photography in Canada link 

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  # Early morning and sitting in the bed, don't want to go to work and think about you will sleep a lot when you...

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# Is it true? # Is someone tried to get rid off pesky pores of face?

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# The true fact about phones Now vs Before (about 10 years ago)   #twitter

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    # Genius way to your machine and being lazy

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  # toilet paper made by 22 carat gold, WOW :O

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# 25 girls took selfie from 25 sides. picture # 

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  Picture http://thewile.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/when-you-see-it-1.jpg   Guys want to see like this....

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  The B4GAG's Fact - When girls are wearing short to show guys, how sexy they are, <3 but happen something else!! :P :P :P

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  9GAG, You may not want any friend like this :P :P :P :P

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  Most of the work place has at least one assistant manager. The assistant manager has lots of responsibility and push team members to do...

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The fact of Chuck Norris mode Fact from danebine.com gif.

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  This is not his penis - Fact of shoe.