How To Find Girl on Omegle?

Online dating is very common to find girl but many people don’t really know how chat and how to start the conversation.

This tips and photo may help you to find a right girl for you on Omegle.

1# Look at her and dream for all day :p


2# Those are not just boobs those are your dream…. 😛

15 - 1-2

3# If you want a HOT girl from Omegle you need to be hot too. And how? Make sure you have six pack and go to gym. Watch some funny video and learn how to talk to women first.


4# You need to know how to kiss first. Watch this

15 - 1-1

5# Finding hot women online is easy if you have lots of money in your bank.


6# Visit Brazil and get women with big booty.


7# Make sure you some cash on you when you do video chat and show your money to the women and she is yours.

15 - 1-3

8# Tell the women that you would like to buy her cloths if she agree to meet you.



9# Do not offer a women to take her in restaurant because she may likes to drink, so offer her to go to bar.

15 - 1-6

10# Make sure to offer her to buy hot clothing from Victoria Secret.


11# Ask her to send you selfie and then you are sure she wants you very hardly.