Lena the Plug Promised Sex Video If Her YouTube Channel Hits Millions subscribers.

This Hot YouTuber has promised to do porn video for her subscribers if her YouTube channel hits million. Believe me she is serious about it because she cares about her YouTube channel but her followers don’t believe her because many YouTubers has choose the same path to get subscribers on YouTube.

One of the famous YouTube PewDiePie has done the same thing to his followers. He has promised his followers to delete his YouTube channel if his channel hits million but he did not kept the promise.

This the way new YouTubers increasing their subscribers on their YouTube channel and making thousands of dollars from Google adsense.

Lena keep posting her sexy photos on her Twitter account. A new way to publish er YouTube account.

These are the photo Lena has shared on her social account for the preview of porn video. What do you think?

Post your comment if you believe her that she would make porn video if she gets million of subscribers?