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Intimate Earth Melt Warming Lubricant

Let me introduce you my secret the Intimate Earth Melt Warming Lubricant “Menthol-free formula uses certified all-natural ingredients ”

Put some red-hot passion in the bedroom with this amazing new warming lube!

Made from all-natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, this special warming lube is one of the strongest we’ve ever sold and it’s sure to make your lover red hot in no time!

Just apply a small dab of the lube to your lover’s nipples or back and blow on it. The special formula heats up incredibly fast, soothing tense muscles and leaving your lover relaxed and aroused! And you can even use it as a lube afterward, adding extra stimulation during sex for stronger and more powerful orgasms!

While most warming lubes use menthol that can irritate your skin, the Melt Warming lube uses glycerine and a special bark extract so you can enjoy it even if you have sensitive skin.

The Melt Warming Lubricant is made by Intimate Organics, a company known for their higher end sex lubes and lotions as well as their all-natural and vegan-friendly products.


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