What Internet Think About Good Booty?

Internet is crazy about sexy booty. We are asking you to post your thoughts about these 6 booty. Keekers are in love with beautiful booty and we have selected these 6 booty from our Facebook messenger.

1# Some keekers has commented model is having hard time to put her pants on because she has big booty. What do you think ? Does she really has big booty?

2# Yoga pants are my favourite with the girl big booty. Many time booty does not need to be big as Yoga pants are always looks good on any girl.

3# Keekers has commented about this booty girl’s position. What do you think?

4# An American women has posted side by side booty picture with on Yoga pants. Comments your thoughts.

5# If I number them 1 and 2 from left which one would you pick?

6# Girl has taken selfie but does not show her booty. What comment would you through to her?