There are many reason sexy girls from all over the world are moving to America for better life. It has said that world is very easy for girls right now. For the right use of social media girls are making millions of dollars by sitting at home.

Internet is blessing for girls and it does not matter where are they from. Girls from anywhere now these days can make money without working 7days in a week. The girl in the above picture is making more than $5,000 dollars from advertising company. Shila (Nick name), all is doing is posting her sexy photos on her Facebook and Instagram profile.

How does Shila get pay just by posting photos on social media?

It’s a common question and if you google you will find many related answers. But the true fact is there is somehow she is making money and it call “Promoting Bands”

Shila promote bands like Amazon and Amazon pays her percentage on the sale from her advertising. Shila make sure to share links from Amazon to get pay.

On only promoting bands, Manila gets pay to share link on her Facebook and Instagram profile. AdFly.Com is one of the platform for Manila to make money easily online. All she does is get Advertising link from and share those link on her profiles. Manila gets pay for every click she gets from her profile.

Alex is Cyber model and she makes almost $10,200 dollars every month by working with few magazine company. For this kind of job Alex has to be very open minded. Sometime she has to take of her cloths on the camera. But photographer will make her body looks good on online magazine.

This is not true that only sexy and hot looking girls are making money. Monalisa has showed already to the world that she can make close to $6,090 dollars every month. Even though Monalisa is a single mom and she has discover an amazing way to make money online by sitting in front of live video camera. Promoting Facebook and Twitter page is her secret.

Nadia is a freelancer, and she has her own website to sell her own videos and picture. Nadia makes almost $5,000 dollars every month just to host her videos and pictures online. Nadia bought her own domain from Namesilo and hosting from Scalahosting for cheap price and now she is hosting her own product. She says” By doing online business I can move to anywhere in any time”

Don’t estimate a girl!!

Meet Rajika from Dubai, She is from restricted family and now Rajika lives in America. She has invested her time and moved to America. Now she is making $6,000 every month and has a safe life. All she does is chat with people online with Skype and people from all over the world she her money through PayPal.

You can be from anywhere, even girls from China are making money from online. Thai just moved to America and she says “It was my dream to move in America”

Now her dream comes true and she lead better life. Moving to America she has satisfied her self with money, cars, boyfriend and beautiful house. All her dream comes true because of her Facebook page. Thai keep posting her sexy photo on Facebook and other social media and some day her Facebook page got more that millions of like. After that she was getting hundreds of business offer from different brands. Now she promote brands on Facebook and gets pay.

American people love Brazilian hot girls and it was easy for Mica(Nick name). Mica now work for different magazine. Mica also a social manager for few different account. It was easy to work for her from New York, and that’s why she made her way to America. Now she manager Facebook and Instagram account for few company and get pay from her apartment in the New York city.

Many girls from Mexico has moved to USA because of money. Lusia makes 5 times more money than she use to make in Mexico city. Lusia now own online business and manage by herself. She also planned to hire few other girls to work for her company.